Bayou (bi oo, bio), Pl Bayous (-ooz, oz)

1) A creek, secondary watercourse, tributary to another river or body of water, regular term in lower Mississippi Basin

2) An awesome Cajun style restaurant in Fleetwood, NY


The Bayou Restaurant

580 Gramatan Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY  10552

Call for info or reservations: (914) 668-2634
Fax: (914)663-8339


7 days a week



5:00pm – 9:00pm


Our entire menu is available for Take Out Orders.

We accept Visa/Mastercard, American Express, Discover & cash.

Gift certificates are available for any amount. We do not accept Travelers' Checks or personal checks.

Call (914) 668-2634 for more information.

The Bayou Restaurant Location

580 Gramatan Ave, Mount Vernon, NY.

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Call (914) 668-2634 for more information.

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