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Quotes from famous bands about the Bayou Restaurant

"I have been in many places across this nation, I have met people of all nationalities on this planet, I’ve entertained people everywhere in this world with my musical talent.  I’ve had fun doing what I do wherever I’ve been, but there’s one place that I have had the biggest and best fun with the most loving friends in this world.  NY is a big city and has a lot to offer, but there’s a club in a town called Mount Vernon named The Bayou that gives me more love than this entire world!  It’s a home away from home for me.  I could write a book about the people of The Bayou.  Life goes on for only a certain amount of time if you never hear anymore about Humpy, Louisiana Washboard Player – The Bayou will always recognize who I am and what I am able to do. I don’t have a Grammy or a crown, but I have people who love me!!  Love ya Bayou & Staff forever & ever"

Clifford “Humpy” Alexander Jr. – of CJ Cheniers Red Hot Louisiana Band